About Me

Who Am I?

I’m Prerana A V, a little girl in a big city- with dreams as large as my imagination, who refuses to be defined by labels. I see myself as a learner throughout my existence and I have dabbed my feet in many industries. I’m pursuing a degree in architecture, and spend a considerable time coming up with cool architectural designs with music being my primary companion.

Being brought up by parents in transferable jobs comes with its own perks. All my childhood I’ve stayed throughout India and been to many others, with no one place to call my home. Currently, I’m calling Bangalore home.

I’m very enthusiastic about music, and this love lead me to learn various styles of music (Yes, I’m a trained vocalist). I have always been fascinated by art, the marvels created by mere hands, and try my hand at sketching from time to time. And there’s my new found love capturing some moments I find extremely alluring and presenting a glimpse into the world I see. I adore my cats, playing with dogs, going for refreshing morning jogs, diving myself into literature and discovering new places.


What Ideal Travelling Looks Like To Me?

Travelling is not just about a place and things to do there. There’s more of a learning than that; it’s about the people you meet, the wealth of stories they carry; and it’s about what you gain from it and looking at a place in a different perspective. I like exploring the spots that we often seem to overlook in our daily rush and bustle- with my main focus on making sustainable choices.

I believe in enjoying the small things and have always been intrigued by how someone who’s stayed in a particular city for an elongated time manages to not explore it in that duration. We live in an era where we live in a place and yet be completely oblivious to its history, culture and location of different areas that make it up. I think it’s high time we change that, get out of our desks, the 9-5’s and be a wayfarer for once?

Why Inside Travellers Shoes?

Inside Travellers Shoes was an idea born out of my frustration; when life seemed to be at a standstill; after an accident left me unable to walk for almost half a year. The accident had a deep impact on me, made me rethink all my priorities and what I’d like from my life. I spent those days, looking at interesting photos and reading various accounts of people travelling, and I knew it was time I rekindle my love affair with this pretty world of ours.

Inside Travellers Shoes is my take on life, people, places, travelling and everything in between. I’ve always fancied the idea of travelling, going to offbeat places, experiencing indigenous societies and cultures. It’s a place where unheard stories I come across see the light. And Inside Travellers Shoes is never going to be your average travel guide. And when I don’t find myself travelling (Ugh! College and Rehab), You’ll find useful content on lifestyle choices I make for a meaningful life. So would you accompany me as I gaze upon the skies and depths of the unknown?

PS – These days I’m keeping myself busy learning a new language! I’m already multilingual.

Connect With Me

If you are a travel brand/tourism board interested to work with me or a fellow traveller/ travel blogger/ photographer interested in a travel blogging trip or interested in collaborating; do have a look at work with me.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me.