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Who’s the girl

Inside Traveller’s Shoes?

I’m Prerana, but you can call me Pre. For as far back my memory goes, I’ve shrugged off labels that “try” to define my identity. Throughout my existence I’ve continued learning, splashed my feet in a lot of puddles and continue to be curious about everything. And incidentally, the road continues to fuel my curiosity.

Being brought up by parents in transferable jobs comes with its own perks. All my childhood I’ve stayed throughout India and been to many others, with no one place to call my home. I guess the Travel Bug bit me quite early. My young impressionable mind had the opportunity to understand and see that there’s more to life than “the norm”. For that, I am extremely grateful to my parents.

Music has been a part of me since the very beginning, so don’t be surprised if I break into a song at off moments (I’m trained classically after all). I adore my cats and happen to be a proud Cat-Mama, though you won’t find me discriminating with animals. Oh, and I tend to begin most days with an emphasis on personal well-being and development.

I have always been fascinated by art, the marvels created by mere hands, and you’d probably come across me scribbling furiously into my Bullet Journal when we first meet. And lately, I’ve found the power of narratives extremely alluring. This blog is a memento to this art of writing I’m slowly falling in love with, only too late in life. Here I am, asking you to follow me as I present a glimpse into the world I see.

Why Inside

Traveller’s Shoes?

Inside Traveller’s Shoes was an idea born out of my frustration; when life seemed to be at a standstill; when I dreaded looking at the same four walls every SINGLE day; after a road accident left me unable to walk for almost half a year. Needless to say, it left a deep dent of unfulfillment with my current choices, made me rethink all my priorities and how I’d want to design my life. I spent those days, looking at interesting photos and reading various accounts of people travelling, and I knew it was time I rekindle my love affair with this pretty world of ours.

Inside Traveller’s Shoes is my take on life, people, places, travelling, relationships and everything in between. I’ve always fancied the idea of wandering off the beaten path, experiencing a life completely different from the one I grew up in and yet finding the similarities despite all our differences. It’s a place where unheard stories I come across see the light. Guess, Inside Traveller’s Shoes is never going to be your average travel guide.

So would you accompany me as I gaze upon the skies and depths of the unknown?

What Ideal Travelling

Looks Like To Me?

Travelling is not just about a place and things to do there. In the past, travellers were looked upon in the same light as scholars and learners. It’s high time people look at travelling with the eyes of the past and give it the recognition it deserves.

Travelling is the embodiment of practical and experiential learning; it’s about the people you meet, the wealth of stories they carry. It’s about sharing joys and sorrows, finding out that our souls are connected despite our circumstances. And most importantly it is looking at a place as not just another photo-op. I like exploring spots that we often seem to overlook in our daily rush and bustle- with a focus on making sustainable choices.

I believe in enjoying the small things and have always been intrigued by how someone who’s stayed in a particular city for an elongated time manages to not explore it in that duration. We live in an era where we live in a place and yet be completely oblivious to its history, culture and location of different areas that make it up.

I think it’s high time we change that, get out of our desks, the 9-5’s and be a wayfarer for once?

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