Cancio’s House: Where Little Moments Spark Joy

Cancio’s House: Where Little Moments Spark Joy

We turned into an inconspicuous-looking lane next to the Chapel. While we almost missed it on our first try to find our Aldona homestay, an effortless smile started forming on both of our faces. Twin stone walls skirted along the winding lane and huge trees towered on...

Revisiting Santha – The Village Market

Revisiting Santha – The Village Market

Santhaku poyee daari edi… (Where’s the way to go to the Farmer’s Market?) goes a rhyme recited by my mother in my childhood. Like many kids of that age, her child was an extremely fussy eater. This specific rhyme was recited to encourage me to quicken my pace and...

Goodbye Bangalore, For I Am Moving To My Village

Goodbye Bangalore, For I Am Moving To My Village

Bangalore. This word still evokes a plethora of feelings. My thoughts travel back to the day I first stepped into this city with the eyes of a resident. The year was 2009, and we had just parted ways with the pleasant Monsoon Showers of Belgaum. September had set in...

Feeling 22: Birthdays, Learning and Goals

Feeling 22: Birthdays, Learning and Goals

My eyes struggle to open in the cold breeze of the morning. It’s December the 19th and the year happens to be 2018. A recurring guilty pleasure song runs in my head, it’s been the cliché Instagram caption for many who turn the same age. “I don’t know about you, but...

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Namaste, Welcome to Inside Traveller’s Shoes! I’m Prerana, a brown-eyed girl from the vast land of many cultures – India. Just as much as I’m starstruck with the world and all the beauty it contains, I am proud of my own origins and love my country immensely. And I’m not here to tell you another story of how I quit my job to travel the world. Because frankly, I never had a “typical” one to begin with.

So, what would you normally find here, you ask? I suppose scribbles on life and experiences – as I gulp it one day at a time; things that make my soul flutter and everything that brings me happiness – a large part of which includes travel. For I do hope in some way, you’ll find your truth and yourself through it all. And it helps you “live your own extraordinary tale”.

where am i?

Now: Bangalore, India

January – February: Karnataka, Goa

March – April: Karnataka

May: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

June: Karnataka

July: Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh

August: Karnataka, Goa

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