Lost in Art, Nature and Life in Madhavamala: Village near Tirupathi

One fine Tuesday, as the clock stroke twelves and most of the world, was lost in deep slumber – My friend Manasi, a Conceptual Artist and I head off to three beautiful places near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. This trip by Grassroutes Journeys was our search for Art and more


Revisiting Santha – The Village Market

Santhaku poyee daari edi… (Where’s the way to go to the Farmer’s Market?) goes a rhyme recited by my mother in my childhood. Like many kids of that age, her child was an extremely fussy eater. This specific rhyme was recited to encourage me to quicken my pace and finish


Goodbye Bangalore, For I Am Moving To My Village

Bangalore. This word still evokes a plethora of feelings. My thoughts travel back to the day I first stepped into this city with the eyes of a resident. The year was 2009, and we had just parted ways with the pleasant Monsoon Showers of Belgaum. September had set in and


Being A Tourist In My Own City – Finding The Essence Of Central Bangalore

Roughly around the same time last year, my phone buzzed with a text message from a friend preserved down my memory lane. “Prerana, I’m coming to Bangalore. Would you like to catch up, maybe?” Aastha Rohilla called it her “Solo-lore” for it was the first time she was ever travelling


How Taking Acid In Hampi Completely Changed The Way I See Things Now

  I stare at the abyss – into the beyond itself. It’s dotted with these humongous gaseous balls of fire we were taught were millions of light-years away from us. The night sky is bursting with magic tonight. Here away from the commotion and pollution of the fast-paced city –


What You Should Be Aware Of Before Travelling To The Mountains

You’ll have to Trek – A Lot And that means you need to be very fit to “Brave Those Mountains!” Whether you’re an Experiential, Adventurous or Slow Traveller – tags don’t apply here. There is a lot of walking involved on a daily basis. Most common commodities and services you


I Started Using A Menstrual Cup and I Urge You To Do The Same

I recently completed my 8th cycle on my Boondh Cup and I’m extremely happy with how hassle-free it makes the process of being “on the rag”. I had a lot of doubts at the beginning of my journey with the Menstrual Cup and getting accustomed to it cycle after cycle


Feeling 22: Birthdays, Learning and Goals

My eyes struggle to open in the cold breeze of the morning. It’s December the 19th and the year happens to be 2018. A recurring guilty pleasure song runs in my head, it’s been the cliché Instagram caption for many who turn the same age. “I don’t know about you,


How To Travel The World Without Moving An Inch

  As a part-time traveller, I believe there are situations in every traveller’s life – actually every single person’s life when you just can’t travel. No matter how hard you try, you can’t let go of the feeling that the universe has entrapped you in circumstances; where you just can’t


And now, I get Nominated for the Liebster Award!

  I was so stoked, when I found an unexpected mail, informing that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award! It was no less than a privilege to be coming from Debbie from Traveler Wows. She’s an amazing blogger and do check her out. What is The Liebster Award?

Namaste, Welcome to Inside Traveller’s Shoes! I’m Prerana, a brown-eyed girl from the vast land of many cultures – India. Just as much as I’m starstruck with the world and all the beauty it contains, I am proud of my own origins and love my country immensely. And I’m not here to tell you another story of how I quit my job to travel the world. Because frankly, I never had a “typical” one to begin with.

So, what would you normally find here, you ask? I suppose scribbles on life and experiences – as I gulp it one day at a time; things that make my soul flutter and everything that brings me happiness – a large part of which includes travel. For I do hope in some way, you’ll find your truth and yourself through it all. And it helps you “live your own extraordinary tale”.


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