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Introducing ….. *drumroll* ….. The ITS Travel Book Club!

The inexplicable wondrous world of books. How incredible is it that we have more books than we could ever possibly read during this life?

Reminiscing on the good ol’ days when I was growing up, you’d never see that girl without a book. I gobbled up books by staying up all night reading and even read books by hiding them under my desk during school hours.

Flashforward to Today: Not a lot has changed in being the girl who sits by the water reading – except the advent seeping of the online world and social media is definitely making me read way less than I’d like to.

Some of my favourites to read have been Travel Memoirs (explains all the travelling and the blog hmm) and hence this book club. We will be focusing on Titles that are either Travel Books, Memoirs or help a Traveller. No time like the present to catch up on at least some of them – and the best part – it’s with ALL OF YOU!

Book of the Month

book #1:

the shooting star

by Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath quit her corporate job at age twenty-three to travel the world. She gave up her home and the need for a permanent address, sold most of her possessions and embarked on a nomadic journey that has taken her everywhere from remote Himalayan villages to the Amazon rainforests of Ecuador. Along the way, she lived with an indigenous Mayan community in Guatemala, hiked alone in the Ecuadorian Andes, got mugged in Costa Rica, swam across the border from Costa Rica to Panama, slept under a meteor shower in the cracked salt desert of Gujarat and learnt to conquer her deepest fears.

With its vivid descriptions, cinematic landscapes, moving encounters and uplifting adventures, The Shooting Star is a travel memoir that maps not just the world but the human spirit.

Pre’s Note: Shivya holds a special place in my journey as discovering her blog lead to a domino effect and the end result is the version of me you see today. I hope you love her stories as much as I do.

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