Calligraphy is


And let’s face it, quirky letters that speak for themselves are ICE-COLD!

Your brand is special.

So, don’t let it fall into the comfortable spot of mediocrity.

After All, you don’t want your product to be just “good” or “nice”.

Give it the Pogo-stick it NEEDS! And let it jump to it’s heart’s content.

With Hand-Lettered Words and Custom Calligraphy, it’s sure to stick itself out like the nose on your face. 

Want to learn Calligraphy?

Creative Journaling

Are you wondering how to add a little bit of colour into your everyday? Struggling to stay productive? Want to be more aware of your inner thoughts and emotions? I will teach you the Bullet Journal Method: that has helped millions stay tip-top in whatever they want to do, while adding a bit of art and creativity into your everyday. All it takes is 15 minutes/day.

Introduction to hand-lettering

We all look in awe at those perfectly calligraphed quotes and greetings on Pinterest, right? Well, what if you could create those very same hand-lettered marvels? This workshop will help give a bit of personality to your letters and life. It's time to add that Midas touch.

One-On-One Calligraphy Sessions

Are you looking for personalised lessons instead? Want my complete attention? Well you have it. These one-on-one sessions will help me address all your unique problems and together we'll work on improving your hand-lettering drastically in 8 sessions.

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Mitthu Grewal

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