worried that you might have

built castles in the air?

Relax your hard work won’t go in vain. Let me, your copy-writing Genie, just put the foundation underneath it.

Want to launch a new campaign? Bring a fresh voice to your website? Want to rekindle that love-affair between your Email List and YOU?

Tired of the same old mundane content that sparks no joy?

Or are you afraid that your worst fear – your baby getting lost in the Mariana Trench of Internet Content – will be realised?

Stop picking your hair. 

For once, you can put up the act of being the damsel-in-distress. Because this time around, someone is coming to rescue you and your content!

And that someone is MOI, of course. Ready to put words in every single place you want them.

choose your method of rescue

Blog Articles

Making your blogging game skip levels by using Cheat Codes like Super Mario. Long-Form Writing that will make people stand there with their mouths gaping. This will definitely make your Blog Articles go from Ah! to Ah-Ha…

Website Copy

No matter what anyone might say to please you, first impressions DO MATTER and LAST. Time to make it an Unforgettable one and Create a Standard with your website; just like your Do-Re-Mi’s…

Magazine Features

I know how much care you take to come up with themes, to add Christmas decorations in just the right spot and make sure there are no chewing gums on its sole. All it needs is a pinch of amazing stories. You will never guess what’s in my Goodie Bag…


Landing/Sales Page

Make a compelling argument for your valuable offering that keeps someone wanting more after just a taste. Be the Nutella of people’s life. And keep your customers satisfied. They will never second guess their choice again…

Social Media Campaigns

You may love to hate it or hate to love it; but you just can’t ignore it. In an age where we are using services that didn’t exist 15 years ago, keeping pace is getting tougher and tougher. NOW is what matters! Let’s create content for your brand that would improve our average attention span of a goldfish…

Email Copy

There is no method of marketing that can replace the personal touch of Email Communication in the digital space. Don’t wait for your relationship to go stale. Strike it when it’s hot. Re-kindle your romance and the next time you bring your smoulder on they won’t be able to keep their hands to themselves…
I called her and asked her to write my business proposal out of her real talent….I was up for a big project for an Italian restaurant and bar with a big builder group form delhi.i asked her to write my company’s corporate profile …she asked for the specification and my answer was….I don’t want to miss this opportunity …it’s all up to you.voila …now it’s all set for inauguration. Thankyou so much Prerana….and while writing I just felt like …it’s an awesome way to appreciate your dedication towards work
Mitthu Grewal

Documentary Filmaker

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