Travel Resources

Even I get by with a little bit of help . . .

Travel planning can feel like a daunting task. You have to look at various aspects of travel like getting affordable flights, reliable accommodations, pick travel-friendly products to record memories and stay connected. You also have think about damage control if things go wrong (and they will). Prevention is better than cure, mis amigos.

And life happens whether we travel or not. It just makes sense to make it easier for yourself by cutting the crap.

I also love carrying my personality and never leave without my Bullet Journal. If you want to try Bullet Journaling for yourself, I’ve added are some of the best options I could find.

Or if you are curious exactly what I use to keep this blog sailing smooth, well, you have it.

I’ve picked these out from an ocean of options and personally use and trust them just to save you (and me) the trouble of decision fatigue. And have the convenience of finding everything in one place.

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