Introduction to Modern Calligraphy


An immersive workshop to understand the basics of Brush-Pen Lettering and develop our technique.

Let’s spend the weekend rediscovering the joy of pen on paper and acquaint ourselves to the art of writing “beautifully”.

Saturday 6th August: 11:00 – 15:00
Sunday 7th August: 11:00 – 15:00

Habitat 15 @ Airlines, Airlines Hotel, Bangalore

A Kit will be provided at the venue.

Suitable for ages 15+

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Let's spend a weekend engaging in this beautiful art form.

This Workshop is only open for 10 people this time as I want to keep it intimate, and have better one-on-one interactions.

What is "Modern Calligraphy"?

"Words can be beautiful in meaning - but they can also be visually appealing."

Modern calligraphy is also referred to as "Hand lettering".

Hand lettering is an art form wherein letters are individually drawn, in the artist's chosen style, to convey a visual message or feeling. Hand lettering employs the use of different strokes, designs, and letter-drawing styles to create unique artistic pieces with language at the center.

There are many modern calligraphy alphabets to emulate, but one of the most unique- and exciting- aspects of this art form is that you can put your own twist on an alphabet, rather than striving to precisely copy it.

Three important styles out of the many that come in the Modern Calligraphy bracket are Faux Calligraphy, Bounce Lettering, and Brush Lettering.

We will focus mainly on "Brush Lettering" for this Workshop.


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