How To Travel The World Without Moving An Inch

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As a part-time traveller, I believe there are situations in every traveller’s life – actually every single person’s life when you just can’t travel. No matter how hard you try, you can’t let go of the feeling that the universe has entrapped you in circumstances; where you just can’t run to everything (I believe I am running towards things, experiences and everything that might fade away in the blink of an eye. For some though, travel is a means of escape.).

It might be education, maybe your loved one(s), perhaps a job or like me found yourself in a severe road accident which left you in bedrest and in rehab for an elongated time (Stop right there! I sense a form of mental pity forming as you read this, but chill – life is GOOD). Yes, these seemingly little things and choices; do have a huge impact on which path your life will take.

Alright, I admit, the title is a bit misleading (don’t take the title literally, I am not a Magician); but it’s some real talk right here. So, here are some non-magical ways to travel without moving an inch:

PS- If you have TARDIS please contact me.

Enrich your Tongue

How To Travel The World Without Moving An Inch

Where has the language made you travel today?


Ever been completely mesmerised by a culture and the way they speak in a particular place? Curious about a particular place and wondering what the inhabitants are like or what they might be doing every day? I can vouch that learning a language is one of the best ways to learn about them – without actually visiting the place in question.

Learning a language, the way it’s spoken, various dialects, those subtle differences in sounds that make huge differences in the meaning conveyed and techniques incorporated is one of the most effective and rewarding experiences. It makes me feel a connection to the place where it’s spoken and the place you eventually want to visit. Think of the advantages, you can live like a local, interact with people from the place in their own language – all of which just adds to the experience. And the locals will definitely appreciate the effort you’ve put in to learn their language.

My most trusted resources for language learning happen to be Pimsleur Language Programs, SpanishPod101, Coursera and Duolingo

Dwell into the Magical world of Reading

How To Travel The World Without Moving An Inch

From here you can travel anywhere, without taking a step !


Newsflash! Libraries aren’t just for the Nerds, Alright? Frankly, I’m exhausted by the misconceptions on people who read. Be what may, there’s an inexplicable joy I feel every time I hold a book in front of me. I can’t really pinpoint the most mesmerising characteristic about them- the aroma, the feel of paper or the wondrous worlds it takes you in. But, there’s definitely a deeper connection while reading words than consuming any other form of content (videos). I have lived a thousand lives – thousands more yet to be lived and I’m just in my twenties. And it is rightly said, “From here, you can go anywhere in the world without ever taking a step”.

I truly believe the world will never get tired of books. Every new book opens a new portal, either to an existing or a fictional place. In all these years of existence and pursuit of knowledge – it is the only form of time and space travel that our world has perfected yet (TARDIS Whovians?). Yes, one could probably visit a place right now, but you will be visiting it in the present. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to find your physical self in London 1920s. You can only find yourself in a place lost in time, or visiting the past – in the words of others and in our dreams. Let’s not forget the words of the Tenth Doctor – “You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!”

So, do you need any further persuasion? Go pick up a book already. In case you can’t decide- why don’t you start with this one (the most recent book that managed to move me)?

Focus on keeping yourself healthy and fit

How To Travel The World Without Moving An Inch

A few squats can keep you active the whole day !


Travelling can be quite taxing for your health. It involves long journeys, a lot of wandering about in the sun, trying out food that hasn’t found its way to your stomach before and loads of interaction and learning, which can make you feel exhausted by the end of the day (Hey! No one is Superhuman). And for all you adventure buffs; trekking through difficult trails and adventure sports can turn out to be a test of physical endurance.

Keeping your physical and mental health in check is of the utmost importance for a traveller. And I feel that somewhere physical and mental health intertwine. If you’re mentally fit, you will feel great and jump into a workout. And the little happy high that working out (or a little run or jog, if you roll that way) gives you, definitely makes you feel rejuvenated, active and in turn work wonders on your mental health. And remember, your body is your home – and it doesn’t come with replacements. So, don’t forget to take care of it and pamper yourself.

I highly recommend following Perfectly Fit by Claudia Schiffer (Yup I’m a 90’s kinda girl), with exercises that can be practised practically anywhere, yet leaving you pretty worked up; it can become your new best friend – Just like me!

Say, Hello Blogs!

How To Travel The World Without Moving An Inch

Blogging, Vlogging, Stories, Photographs, Travel Videos and More !


It’s no new fact that Blogs have a special place in my heart. I discovered them at a difficult point in my life and they are the only reason I’m this inspired, positive and productive. Blogging and content creation has essentially held the position of a “Catalyst”- the managed to put things in motion and brought out the best version of me (I’m doing things I didn’t even think I was capable of).

So, what is it about blogs that I like so much? I love how personal a blogger gets on their blog. Sure, we have travel guides which tell us about a place. But truth be told, I find them unimaginative, with the monotonous what to’s and what not to’s, which are more often than not they are just listicles dictating our travel choices based on someone’s assumptions on “Ideal way to travel”. On the contrary, blogs are experiences – good or bad. It makes for a voice, a place where thoughts turn into words and stories and events narrated. There is no hard line or a compulsion to follow a certain line of thinking – it’s an opinion and you are free to alter your experiences in line with your beliefs.

Blogs challenge the conventional way of things. I have travelled the world, learnt of places, things, customs and experiences seldom written about. And this gain of knowledge has literally changed the way I think.



So, where are you travelling to next (figuratively)?



How To Travel The World Without Moving An Inch

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