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at inside traveller’s shoes,

I get personal. very personal.

My thoughts are bare, raw and so are the posts that I write.

I started Inside Traveller’s Shoes with one goal in mind: to tell meaningful stories, to record at least some footprints from the many lives that exist in the world, to record the little moments that brought a smile to my face and to face my vulnerable self in time of distress.

In my journey of sharing exactly what I felt, no barriers, no fluff, no sugar coating, I slowly started seeing a change in the way people interacted with me. They were more open and comfortable in sharing about what distressed them or brought them joy. But most importantly, I found out that all of us essentially deal with the same demons, only that they donned different costumes.

As an antidote of superficiality and flakiness, I began Monthly Letters a year ago: an email campaign that was a letter to whoever was willing to receive it. A letter where I touch base with one topic and be unapologetic about my ideas in it – which at time could be considered controversial. There was just one little rule – no editing. That meant my thoughts while writing these often escaped the topics orbit and travelled to other areas of space. But this also lead me to have some of the most intimate conversations and develop personal connections.


In a world fanatical about reducing

humans to a mere number, I focus on

the quality of my interaction with them.

I am not Lukewarm. I am not here to please. I am here to spit out the truth even if it is the most unpleasant. This, my readers tell me is why they find my stories inspiring.

In fact, my strong opinion on everything has encouraged many to think and do things what they would have never considered otherwise. Eg- Living a bit more responsibly and actually noticing the footprints of your actions on the environment.

Preserving and acknowledging the humanness of a person who chooses to give his attention and time to your ideas in invaluable and I treat it so. Engagement is more important than mere numbers and I focus on getting just that.

here’s what my readers have to say . . .
I’ve been reading your letters for a while now.. and the October letter was the most relatable one,… the style of your writing just makes me want to read further and get to know you a little better.. it just makes me soo happy.. its soo lovely how you quote certain things that make me want to know more about it.. like in this one it was the “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin or the Harajuku…
At the start of every month, this is something I eagerly look forward to 😀
keep writing keep creating girl 😀
thanks man

Sanjana Sandeep

Bangalore, India

Hey keep this coming I love everything about it.
Great job 👍😀.

It made me feel very good because you take out time for this and just connect Instantly and make me comfortable with what I’m going through with strength and positivity. Waiting for your next letter.

Thanks ❤️.

Vishal Naik

Bangalore, India

Prerana inspires, when we met once in a night trek… it was a completely silent Prerana. Now, speaks loads through her writings.

Veera Bhramam

Bangalore, India

This is beautiful! Made my day. 🙂
Vibha Hebbar

Bangalore, India

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I write Travel stories that’ll move continents. Narratives that remind you of your Grandma’s cooking. And most importantly, preserve your voice through it all.

Content Creation

Everyone is chasing attention and compromising quality, I like to keep rebelling.

At Inside Traveller’s Shoes, I create evergreen quality content that adds value and people will love coming back to.

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