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#3: Johanna Pleun on Internal Journeys, Travel, Silent Meditation Retreats, Writing and More

Johanna is a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Practitioner from the Netherlands who also provides Energy Coaching and Healing.

In this episode, she opens up about the significance of Travel in her life and her own internal journey, her experience in silent meditation retreats and reiki. We explore the meaning behind the tattoos, how poetry helped her to express herself. We also talk about using essential oils and find out what lead to her becoming a meditation practitioner and yoga teacher.

#2: Disha Ravi on Climate Change, Importance of Climate Education, Activism and More

“Millions of people are affected by the climate crisis every single day but there is no action and I have stopped waiting for any. We, the youth will take action. We will unite and organise for a just and equitable future.” – Disha Ravi

Disha Ravi is one of the founding members of Fridays For Future India. Her story of observing her grandparents who are farmers struggling with the effects of climate change from her early childhood and finally deciding to do something about it actively is truly inspirational.

On today’s episode, we talk about her motivation to join climate activism, the importance of climate education, how activism has transformed in the age of “social distancing” and what is 1.5 and why it matters.

#1: Dr. Pallavi Megharaj on COVID-19 Duty, Body Packers, Contracting COVID-19 and More

Dr. Pallavi Megharaj is a Junior Resident at Bangalore Medical College. In this episode, we talk about her COVID-19 Ward Duty, her work at OBGYN and Burns departments., testing positive for COVID-19, Body Packers, the Vaccine, the Second Wave and what being a doctor is like. We also have a look at some of her interests and get to know her as a person. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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