So, I’ve been Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award this year!

  This one has been long overdue since I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award for a couple of months now. I’m thrilled to have been nominated by Marya from The Beautravel Blog and would like to thank her for the same. What is The Sunshine Blogger Award? So, The Sunshine Blogger


Sleuthing Around Jatinga

They say, “We know less about our Planet than we know about the Universe”. Often on Earth, places exist where nature works in bizarre ways; delivering us some of the most inexplicable mysteries. And even after years of studying them; some of the best minds, fail to make sense of


Affair With Aizawl: Broody Skies, Bustling Bazaars And More

Entangled in my own thoughts, I gazed out of the car into the gloomy skies and the desolate valleys of Mizoram. Wandering from one thought to another, a memory of a fifth-grade lesson floods into my mind. The story revolved around a Mizo girl interested in Handloom. Her parents being


Why Kaziranga Is More Than Just Another National Park

Legend has it that Kajir Ronghangpi, Daughter of Hok Ronghang was taken to and brought up in the Abode of Gods and Goddesses. On attaining divinity and being blessed with certain divine powers, Kajir Ronghangpi came down to Earth in search of her natural parents and brothers. Kajir Ronghanpi rebuilt


Majuli: A Paradise Lost In Time?

Brahmaputra flows calmly in the wee hours of the evening, the sun glistening in its waters. Fishing boats and ferries, all return to the bank, as the darkness tightens its hold around the evening skies, marking the end of work for the day. I couldn’t help but be humbled, as


Life In A Dream And More: Trekking Through Horagina Betta

I lay there on the rocky peak, my eyes still heavy in the chill morning winds of the hills, and my body refused to give away the warmth of the sleeping bag. After trekking up the hill last night, two hours barely made for enough sleep that day. As I

Namaste, Welcome to Inside Traveller’s Shoes! I’m Prerana, a brown-eyed girl from the vast land of many cultures – India. Just as much as I’m starstruck with the world and all the beauty it contains, I am proud of my own origins and love my country immensely. And I’m not here to tell you another story of how I quit my job to travel the world. Because frankly, I never had a “typical” one to begin with.

So, what would you normally find here, you ask? I suppose scribbles on life and experiences – as I gulp it one day at a time; things that make my soul flutter and everything that brings me happiness – a large part of which includes travel. For I do hope in some way, you’ll find your truth and yourself through it all. And it helps you “live your own extraordinary tale”.


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